Business and Politics in a Globalized Mexico

This summer course looks at a vast and complex country from an opportunities perspective. International students will develop an informed and meaningful view of Mexico and its current position in the global economic and political environment.

The student will spend one week studying about Mexico’s history, art and culture to learn about the country’s past and present and the basis of our current position in Latin America and the global world. After the first week students can choose between two options of specialized curricula: Business and Economics or Politics and International Affairs.

In the first case will learn about the Mexican economic and business environment, stressing its relevance as a platform to explore the same type of opportunities in other emerging countries.

If students choose the second option they will examine the country’s current political, social and demographic situation highlighting and analyzing some of most complicated challenges it is facing nowadays. They will also study Mexico’s current international position Vis á Vis the different world regions.

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