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Through language, history, art, culture, politics and economics, students will be introduced to the Mexican business landscape and will in turn be able to appreciate the reasons why Mexico enjoys a substantial global presence, as well as a strong influence on its neighbors and trade partners.

Students who participate in this program will experience a vast and complex country from an opportunities perspective. International students will develop an informed and meaningful view of the Mexican economic and political environment, while understanding why Mexico offers a unique platform to explore the economic and business opportunities of other Latin American or emerging economies with similar characteristics.


The program consists of a three week academic module (module one) and an optional extra three weeks of intensive Spanish (module two).


Offers one week of Mexico´s history, art and culture to learn about the country´s past and present on the basis of our current position in Latin America and the global world. After this week, students must choose one of two options of specialized curricula: Business and Economics or Politics and International Affairs.

1.-Business and Economics Students will pursue and informed and meaningful perspective of the Mexican economic and business environment, to stress its relevance for pursuing economic policy or business opportunities in emerging countries.

2.-Politics and International Affairs Students will examine the Mexico´s current political, social and demographic situation highlighting and analyzing some of the most complicated challenges facing the country. They will also study Mexico´s current international position among the different world regions, stressing the importance of a new emerging international scenario.


After the first module, students have an optional second module of intensive Spanish Language (A1/B2 level).

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